March 2015

Doctor Labban called to set up meeting for april 7, and to let me know that the CAT scan came back clean. This means that my cancer is not stage four, and basically curable. This was a huge relief, and I called my wife immediately to share the good news.

CAT Scan (lungs and pelvis)

I arrived to the CAT scan prepared as instructed, which was relatively simple. I think I had to fast for minimum 3 hours, and then upon arrival to the facility, I had to drink 2 bottles of contrast fluid. They had 3 flavors, and I chose a berry flavor that tasted fine. I drank it, […]

Today I met with the medical oncologist for the very first time to discuss my diagnosis and cancer treatment. He basically went over the few different options could appear based on my final diagnosis. We talked about the possibility of chemoradiation before surgery, about the surgery, and about possible chemo after, but that everything would […]

I met with the surgeon today, he was the one that the gastroenterologist that did the colonoscopy┬áhad set up an appointment with for me. The surgeon explains to me that he thinks that this is a typical kind of rectal┬ácancer, and that it is probably in stage 2. While we are in the meeting, the […]

This day ended up becoming pretty chaotic. I had taken the day off from work to get the colonoscopy done, and I was glad if not excited that this was the very last doctors appointment I had before I could call myself 100% healthy. I was also really proud of myself because I had taken […]

I saw the doctor that can do the colonoscopy today. I had to convince the secretary that I needed a colonoscopy. She asked me multiple times why, and all I could say was that my general practitioner had recommended this during a yearly physical. I insisted on getting the appointment, since I have an insurance […]

This morning I visited a general practitioner I found on the web, in order to have a yearly physical done for me. I explained to him that I had not done the physical for 5 years, but that I wanted to do one now that I was at the end of an 8 year employment […]