Yearly physical

This morning I visited a general practitioner I found on the web, in order to have a yearly physical done for me.

I explained to him that I had not done the physical for 5 years, but that I wanted to do one now that I was at the end of an 8 year employment with the same company, and potentially could face a period with a health insurance with less coverage than the current employer-paid one.

We discussed my good shape and health, he gave me an order for getting lab work done, and at the end of the consultation, he mentioned that since I was fifty years old (and that it maybe could be a while before I get a good health insurance again), maybe I should have a colonoscopy done. Get this done before your current insurance expires he said, and then he gave me a list of 5 different doctors with their phone numbers.

I did not really know what a colonoscopy was, except for that I had heard that a CNN host once had it done on live tv. I did not even investigate for what reason a colonoscopy is normally done, I just took a mental note about making an appointment, and went home.