Surgeon Consultation

I met with the surgeon today, he was the one that the gastroenterologist that did the colonoscopy had set up an appointment with for me. The surgeon explains to me that he thinks that this is a typical kind of rectal cancer, and that it is probably in stage 2. While we are in the meeting, the lab report of the pathology arrives, and the surgeon nods that yes, this is the kind of cancer he expected it to be (Adenocarcinoma).

He tells me that I should expect chemoradiation, and then surgery after that, but before we can continue the decision on the treatment, we need to have the following done: CAT scan, a few blood tests, and an Endoscopic Ultrasound (combination of regular camera, and ultrasound camera, with a needle that can do biopsies of nearby lymph nodes). He asks me to make sure that I bring my wife in to the next appointment, and explains to me that the next doctor to see is the oncologist (his counterpart on the radiation / chemo area). I thank him and go to have the lab tests done at the nearby facility.