Initial Consultation – Medical Oncologist

Today I met with the medical oncologist for the very first time to discuss my diagnosis and cancer treatment. He basically went over the few different options could appear based on my final diagnosis. We talked about the possibility of chemoradiation before surgery, about the surgery, and about possible chemo after, but that everything would depend on my stage that we need to determine first.

I explained that I would have my CAT scan same day and that I had called the place that would do the ultrasound twice a day, but could not get them on the phone, or they could not find me in the system. (The admin from the surgeons office should have had that order sent to them). I am not sure if she ever did that, or did it right, but the oncologist, had his admin make an order and fax it over, and after a few days more where I called them, I finally got an appointment scheduled for April 3rd with a doctor that have been doing endoscopic ultrasound since 2006.

Tip: If you ask your doctors office to fax documents to another doctor or hospital. Ask them to fax you a copy as well. This way, you know exactly when it has been faxed.