April 2015

  explanation of treatment, and agreement to get it going.

The endoscopic ultrasound with biopsy that was done in the US is not common in Denmark. The surgeon confirmed that the CAT scan results with the minor lesions in one lung and the liver probably is nothing, but in Denmark the followup would be another CAT scan 3 months later. I think this is pretty […]

I could choose between a local and a full anesthesia, and chose the full, since I already had been through a lengthy procedure in the morning, and really did not feel like having anybody do anything to my rectum that afternoon. And I really think that was the right choice, since I had some pain […]

  Since I already had met with the oncologist, I do not think that there were too much news in this conversation, except for that my radiologist, really had it down. He was easy to talk to, very good at explaining, and understood right away that I am good at doing my own research, and […]

Using the colonoscope, the doctor went in and took a look above the cancer stricken zone, and immediately below. Once the scope was in position below the cancer, a needle injected black ink. Just in one spot, but quite lot. It then spread a little in the local area. No anaesthesia was needed, and it […]

  We had a discussion about the co-payment for the treatment. This of course differs based on what kind of insurance you have. I have a Anthem Blue Cross PPO that I got through my employer. With this insurance, I pay 90% of all cost until my $2000 deductible has been reached, after this, there […]

I met with the urologist today, and we agreed on doing a prostate biopsy since my GPA is 4.8, and because it is very important before we start the chemoradiation, so that the treatment won’t make a potential prostate cancer worse. Cancer is seen in 25% of the cases where the GPA is above 3.0. […]

Dr. Labban informs me that it is very unusual that the lymph-node biopsy came back positive, after that the preliminary one was negative. In 90% of the cases those two results match. The cancer is upstaged to stage 3 because of these lymph nodes being positive. They can still treat me, they can still manage […]

Transcript: Cancer appears to be through the wall of the rectum, although it is not all that bad. Lymph nodes in the area were quite small, but as we know, at least one tested positive for cancer. Because of this, the doctor feels that I need the chemoradiation therapy, then a 6 to 8 week […]

I just received a call from the secretary, where she asked me to come in next week to discuss the result of the Endoscopic Ultrasound biopsy. I broke down and started crying after the call, because this could only mean that the final result turned out to be positive. I had just adjusted my view […]