First meeting with radiologist


Since I already had met with the oncologist, I do not think that there were too much news in this conversation, except for that my radiologist, really had it down. He was easy to talk to, very good at explaining, and understood right away that I am good at doing my own research, and showed me a site where I could gather useful information about my cancer.

Transcript: The radiologist reiterated the surprise factor in my case where the colonoscopy actually is the first sign of that there is something wrong. The good news is that my cancer is curable. We discussed the high GPA (4.8) (Sign of possible prostate cancer) and that I am going to get a biopsy done in order to check the prostate. The doctor agrees to that this is a good precautionary step. We also discuss that I might choose to have treatment in Denmark, where my wife and kids currently is located. The doctor tells me that my case will not require a lot of support because of that the chemoradiation will be relatively light with only few side effects. I would also be able to work during treatment since the chemo is “chemo light” if this is an issue. The doctor also informs me that he would be happy to send his views on how the radiation should be given to the danish team. The doctor sees my cancer as being curable, it requires all 3 treatments: It requires Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery. The surgery will remove the bad segment from my rectum / colon. Because the ultrasound and the colonoscopy shows that the cancer invades through the lining of the rectum, the doctors feel that a so called “pelvis radiation” which include rectal tumor along with the lymph nodes in the local areas, is necessary concurrently with a 5U based chemotherapy. That treatment will go on for 5 and a half weeks. (5 x 5). A total of 28 treatments. That combination has a very high likelihood of shrinking the tumor down before surgery. It has not proven benefit to the overall treatment that this is done before the surgery as opposed to after, but the