Prostate Biopsy

I could choose between a local and a full anesthesia, and chose the full, since I already had been through a lengthy procedure in the morning, and really did not feel like having anybody do anything to my rectum that afternoon. And I really think that was the right choice, since I had some pain in that area in the days that followed. The prep for this was 6 hours of fasting, and then a Fleet Enema 3.5 hours before the appointment. This all went very fast, the surgeon did the anesthesia on his own, and asked me to lie down on my side. (I already had a gown on. The next thing I remember, is a flash of me making myself a cup of coffee in the waiting room. The next firm thing I remember is being at home later that afternoon. I have been told that I was picked up 1 hour and 15 minutes after I arrived, so that was really really expedient. In the days after, I got a tiny bit of diarrhea from the Antibiotics that I took from the day before, to the day after. I also had some soreness in the rectum that lasted for 48 hours. After that I felt completely fine again. Blood in urine, seemen, and stool is nornal, In the seemen, it can last for a couple of weeks.