May 2015

My sister Anne Birgitte, and my brother John got screened for colorectal cancer since my last update, and I am happy to say that they both passed the test with negative results. This is definitely worth celebrating. This could be an indicator that my cancer is not tied to family genetics and maybe this could […]

At around noon, I thought I was back in the clear, but that did not last long. Late afternoon, I had a second diarrhea attack, and pain in stomach and rectum. This happened while I was out, but luckily I had brought both Imodium and Tucks. I cleaned myself up, took two Imodium tablets, and […]

The blood count was completely normal (as if I was not receiving chemo), we discussed that my stool is a little looser now, but that I have no other site effects yet. We again had the discussion on whether I am taking the correct medication, since the blood count is so perfect. He was seriously […]

I just got hit by diarrhea this evening, this is the first problem of this kind I have had. I decided to try to wait it out and see if it get’s better without medication.

  Explanation of site effects, how to avoid diarrhea, CAT scan with contrast, tattoo the 3 dots. and lie in the right position…