Meeting with Chemo Oncologist (end of chemoradiation week 2)

The blood count was completely normal (as if I was not receiving chemo), we discussed that my stool is a little looser now, but that I have no other site effects yet.

We again had the discussion on whether I am taking the correct medication, since the blood count is so perfect. He was seriously doubting if I was taking the medication, the right amounts etc. So I showed him a video of me taking the medication that same morning, and he flipped on a heartbeat and became very happy and supportive. That was a first for him, to see that a patient had video recorded all of the times he took medication.


Looking me in the mouth, he asked me to drink a little more water. Otherwise no comments. Things are going well. The effect of the treatment will not be known until the surgeon has done his work and there is pathology result available.