Radiation Oncologist Consultation

Today, I received radiation treatment 11 of 28. I met with my radiation oncologist, and we discussed the diarrhea, and the use of Proctofoam. I have used it for a few days, and was informed that it is ok to use it inside the anus. The doctor also explained that the radiation burn is in that area inside the rectum / anus, so it is only natural that I feel that my skin is very sensitive there. I am doing everything I can to keep it dry.

I asked the doctor if it could be true that my cancer is swollen, since I have pencil sized stool, when it is soft. He confirmed that this could be the case.

We also had a brief discussion on reports coming out of Denmark. I find that topic especially interesting, since the general public in Denmark have a very hard time finding any good data on cancer treatment results. He promised to get back to me on this.

I was hit with mild nausea a few times today, and had some small meals to try to get better, and that did help. My philosophy about eating is probably pretty wacky. I keep thinking to see if there is any food that I would really like, and then I go for that. Sometimes I take a walk in an area with many different offerings, and then when I see something that makes me hungry, I go for that. This way, I have managed so far to keep my weight up, and get lots of energy.

I bought Prilosec recently by recommendation from a nurse that the radiation center, and decided to start using it today. The idea is that it will take away some of the acidity in the GI tract, and by doing this, it will lessen the nausea. I took the first of 14 daily doses today.