August 2015

Post surgery - Day 5

Things definitely took a turn for the better. This morning I woke up at 6 am after a good night of sleep. I did not really have any pain, but a lot of energy. I had greek yoghurt with apple, a slice of pumpernickel with butter and jam, and a coffee for breakfast. At 8:30 […]

Woke up at 5, after going to sleep at 10:30pm the night before. Oxycodone, Oatmeal, and Coffee at 6:30 am. Pain level was relatively low. We just stayed in bed until 9 am where I had some tomato soup and coffee. At around 11 am I had one more Oxycodone and then we drove to […]

Hospital Discharge Day

After going to sleep at 9 or 10 pm the night before, I woke up at 5 am. I already had an agreement with the night nurse that there was no need to wake me up to give me painkiller drugs, so I slept for quite a while. I also skipped the painkillers in the […]

Here on day two, I am doing well. I was awake until 4 am, and was woken up by a doctors team at 6 am. Trine was there as well, she was tired, but got a few naps later in the day. Doctor Rebecca Kim was among the doctors (She was the resident surgeon doing my operation). I got […]

Rectal Cancer Surgery - Day One

After having my last meal at 9 pm the day before, and very little sleep (4 hours), Trine (my wife) and I had to get up early this morning (3 am) in order to prepare for surgery. I had the cut-off for drinking liquids at that time, I also had to drink 8 oz of […]

I am not scared

When you are a cancer survivor, especially in the initial period, where you are still learning about the decease, you often have mood swings as you hear and read about other survivors cancer stories. One day you feel like you are going to die, the next you are back researching, fighting, and taking care of […]

I had an appointment with the medical oncologist today to go over the results of my  PET scan.  LungsThe lesion in the one lung did not light up. No active cancer there, but we will monitor with scans every 3 to 6 months.  LiverNo active cancer Hip bone (new lesion from the latest CT scan)No […]

PET Scan

This morning I went to the Stanford Cancer Center South once again. I had been fasting for 8 hours. This time I was there to have a PET scan taken. This was my first. Again, like the first time I was at the center, I was escorted to the waiting area, I got the chip […]

My radiation oncologist was very positive about my body’s response to the chemoradiation. The MRI clearly shows that the tumor in the rectal area is gone. It was also discovered that the earlier statement from my medical oncologist that the lung lesion had grown from 6mm to 8mm was incorrect. The lung lesion was still 6mm […]