PET Scan

This morning I went to the Stanford Cancer Center South once again. I had been fasting for 8 hours. This time I was there to have a PET scan taken. This was my first.

Again, like the first time I was at the center, I was escorted to the waiting area, I got the chip that alerts the staff, where I am. After 20 minutes of wait, I was picked up by a technician.

We went into a little room, where the tracer was injected through and IV. After this I had to drink a bottle of contrast as well. (size of a soda). I was then escorted to a waiting area, where I could relax and wait the 40 minutes it takes the tracer to get around in my body. I was told not to write on my computer, but light surfing was ok. Well I had a movie with me, so I just watched that. When time was up, I was asked to go to the bathroom one final time, before going into the room with the scanner.

I was then put on “bed” on the scanner, and had to have my arms over my head. For this they had a trick, where I put my arms into an empty pillow case. This way I could comfortable lie in the scanner without moving for the 20 minutes the scan took.

The scan itself was pretty uneventful. I remember me being moved quite a bit, and also I think I remember some noise from the scanner. Most importantly: I was asked to try not to move at all for the 20 minutes of duration. (normal breathing allowed of course).