Post surgery – Day 5

Things definitely took a turn for the better. This morning I woke up at 6 am after a good night of sleep. I did not really have any pain, but a lot of energy. I had greek yoghurt with apple, a slice of pumpernickel with butter and jam, and a coffee for breakfast.

At 8:30 am we went to shoreline and had a good walk for around 30 minutes. It was wonderful, being out and about. At 10 am we spend a couple of hours resting at the cafe at Shoreline, before going home for more rest. I had a talk with a lawyer that will help me get Social security disability, and the hospital called to check on my improvement. I scheduled a followup appointment with them for September 8. This will be the date where I will learn if I had active cancer cells in the tissue / lymph nodes that was removed during surgery.

At 2:30 pm, we went to a cafe for salad nicoise, and a cuban sandwich. I had another Oxycodone, and that was about time. It was a big relief.

We went to the shoreline theater at 4 pm, and then back home to rest at 6 pm.

I am passing gas, I am still somewhat bloated, but I feel that stool will be coming anytime now.

It is 8 pm, and my last trip to the bathroom revealed a little fluid stool. Nothing more than just a drop. But that is enough for now. Now I know that it is coming. I have been feeling new tension in my rectal area all day, and now I now that both my colon and rectum has been exposed to the stool that is about to come. Wonderful!

We went out for a chicken sandwich at 8:30pm, but i could not help breaking down and cry in the middle of my sandwich.  I am so thankful that I am still on the right track, my immediate future is looking good. I am so thankful, this is very emotional for me.










By 9 pm we went to Red Rock cafe, and discovered that it was music night with a lot of local talent performing. That was really cool.





You can check my food and medication during my recovery here