September 2015

Over the last few weeks, I have been hospitalized here at Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto, because of an abscess in the anastomosis from my low anterior resection that was done in August. Drama here at Stanford hospital this afternoonSo the doctors team come in every morning, and their job is in part to check […]

You would think that when you are in the hospital, no matter if you are there for treatment of an urgent complication, or for a scheduled surgery that your doctor knows best an knows how to treat you based on diagnostics, lab results an so on. To some extend that is also true, but there […]

Oops - Back at the hospital

After having had intense pain in my rectal area for about three days, I was re-admitted to  Stanford hospital later last night. I called my surgeon’s nurse the day before and was set up with a CT scan for yesterday afternoon. I did not run a fever, so my doctors knew that this might be […]

If you are like me, the first thing you will do after you have been discharged from the hospital is to try to get back in shape. As we all know, your body will heal faster if you exercise and get your blood pumping, right?

No, not right. At least this is not the whole truth. Let me first give you an example of what I did right, and what I did wrong.

It has been a week since my last post surgery update and when it comes to healing after surgery that is really a long time.  My main wound is now almost closed, and the other smaller wounds are also looking much better. I now longer have the “steri-strips” on them, and do no longer cover them […]

Post Surgery - Day 10

Today it was time to say goodbye to San Francisco, the hotel, and goodbye to Trine. Trine went back to Denmark this evening, she is starting in a new role as a full time employee at the Hotel and Restaurant School in Denmark this upcoming Monday. We had breakfast at the hotel, went back to […]

Post Surgery - Day 9

The diarrhea started disappearing this morning (stool just stopped). This was a relief, now my system can rest a little, and so can I. We went to see the new Steve Jobs Movie in the afternoon, and out for french dinner in the evening. We celebrated my birthday a little in advance, since Trine will […]

Post Surgery - Day 8

It has now been a week since I had my surgery. I have a slow running diarrhea, which is tolerable, but because of the surgery and probably the pain killers, I can not feel the difference between if I have to pass gas or stool. That is really a balance act with some skid marks […]

Post Surgery - Day 7

I woke up very weak, and still uncomfortable. I had not really eaten anything for more than a day. I had oatmeal, apple and coffee, but that did not really do it for me. Trine packed our things and moved us from a furnished apartment in Mountain View (near the hospital), to a nice hotel […]

From the get go this morning, I was really about to blow a gasket. I was so uncomfortable that when we finally at 11 am went to a cafe, I asked to be taken home to bed instead.  I spent all day in bed, I was so exhausted, tired, bloated, and constipated. Finally at around […]