Post Surgery – Day 7

I woke up very weak, and still uncomfortable. I had not really eaten anything for more than a day. I had oatmeal, apple and coffee, but that did not really do it for me.

Trine packed our things and moved us from a furnished apartment in Mountain View (near the hospital), to a nice hotel room in San Francisco. I was completely exhausted, from just sitting in the car on the way up, but I was really happy that we now could look forward to a lighter room and some kind of a view. We were in luck, the room is light, and we have a view of a small square and a park.

I spend from noon on resting in the hotel room, while taking bath’s to try to pass more stool. Suddenly by late afternoon, it really started coming out. The consistency changed from somewhat solid to runny. I suddenly starting feeling much better. I was still very weak from not having eaten anything really for day, but this gave me hope. There was one problem though, I now had started running a mild fever. (100.4). Bearing in mind that we would have to go back to the hospital, if I reached 101.5, I realized that there was still a chance that I was not out of the woods yet, when speaking about leaks in the resection.

I took an oxycodone, and asked Trine to walk with me to an Indian restaurant. I think it took us around an hour to walk one mile, but I was feeling better and better with every step. Once inside the restaurant, I ordered butter chicken, rice and Naan, and Trine ordered a vegetarian dish. This really made my day, and the energy started to come back. After being to the bathroom twice at the restaurant, I now felt full of energy, and on our way home (uphill), Trine could barely hang on. I was walking really fast, it felt so good.

Once back at the hotel, I had another giant load of stool passed, and I then knew that I  was done. One hour later, I took my temperature, and it was back down in the normal field. And I had no more constipation, no more bloatedness. I was so happy, and relieved. At 10 pm, I ordered a potato leek soup, and a house salad, but only got through the soup. The salad just did not feel right, so I left it untouched.

I went to bed knowing that I was doing great in my recovery, and that the surgery works. Not only is it not leaking, it also feels like I have some kind of control on when to pass stool, and not. I had not expected to feel that this early in the process.

You can check my food and medication during my recovery here