Post Surgery – Day 10

Today it was time to say goodbye to San Francisco, the hotel, and goodbye to Trine. Trine went back to Denmark this evening, she is starting in a new role as a full time employee at the Hotel and Restaurant School in Denmark this upcoming Monday.

We had breakfast at the hotel, went back to the room to rest while Trine packed up our room, got a hold of the car and we left at noon.




Back in San Jose, we took a little time to investigate why it looked like i had spilled coffee all over my lower tummy. It turns out that the main wound, positioned 1 inch below my navel started leaking fluid. After going through my discharge papers once more, I discovered that this is expected during the first 2 to 4 weeks. We went to the drugstore and bought: Gauze pads, tape, and wound cleanser.

Back at the house in San Jose I showered, and cleaned the wounds very lightly with regular soap. Then with the cleanser containing chlorhexidine. After drying the rest of my body, I padded the wounds with paper tissue, and then dried down the main wound until it no longer gave away any fluid. Then I took a gauze pad and taped it on top of the wound and the wound plastic strip.

3 Hours later I replaced the gauze, and continued to do this for the rest of the day.

In the evening I became aware of that the plastic strip that the surgeon had placed on the wound no longer was sticking in the top (1/3 of an inch), and decided to cut it off with a sterilized pair of scissors. I used gloves, and padded the wound down with paper tissue, before again putting on a new gauze pad. I did this so the wound will dry out easier on its own without me having to dry it down all of the time. I also mount the gauze very lightly, so that air can pass in below it from the sides.

The immediate area around the wound looks good. There is no reason to suspect inflammation. All of my vitals are now perfect and very normal.

I was passing no stool all day. 9 pm was bedtime, and I was so ready to get to sleep.