Treatment in Denmark

I was finally on October 13, admitted as a cancer patient at one of the major Copenhagen area hospitals, relatively close to where we live.
At that same day, I was at my first appointment with my new oncologist. He was a very serious guy, but he was ready to get me going with regards to my six months of Chemo. His decision was based solely on my email conversations with the hospital over the last six months, and a short email from my American oncologist. No need for Medical records or anything. They do the same six months of follow-up chemo in Denmark as in the US, so no discussion there. He went on to explain how I will get a dose every two weeks. (local container mounted on me for two days every time). And that I should come in next week (tomorrow) to have a catheter mounted near my collar bone. This catheter is what the chemo infusion container will connect to. On Monday, I have another appointment with him to discuss when I am ready to start treatment.
At that same meeting on the 13th, I discussed my drain situation with him. (I had already notified the hospital of my urgent need even before leaving the US). There he was not a big help, and just said contact surgery and have them help me with tools to flush the drain and with treatment.
Right after the appointment while still in the oncology department I called the Gastro / Surgery Department, and explained my situation. They got pretty upset with the lack of communication, and gave me an appointment for the following day, and told me to get the tools from the oncology department.