My Cancer history


03.18.2015: Colonoscopy revealed rectal cancer

04.03.2015: A Colonoscopy / ultrasound with biopsy found two positive lymph nodes

05.13.2015 to 06.28.2016: 28 days of Chemo and Radiation treatment at Good Samaritan, Los Gatos

07.31.2015: An MRI shows that there are at least two lymph nodes at the size of 5mm, while the original cancer site is gone.

08.27.2015: Surgery, hand assisted laboroscopic resection. Succes, no ostomy. I leave the hospital 38 hours later.

09.17.2015: Hospitalisation 4 days: Abscess in the anastomose. Drain inserted.

09.24.2015: Hospitalisation 5 days: Abscess treatment.

10.16.2015: The drain is removed. Cold turkey on Oxycodone (110 mg daily).

11.04.2015: First of 12 rounds of Folfox Chemo


02.01.2016: Oxaliplatin lowered to 75%

03.01.2016: Oxaliplatin lowered to 50%

03.14.2016: Oxaliplatin ended.

04.13.2016: Last round of folfox.

06.17.2016: Colonoscopy shows NED

07.01.2016: Numbness and pain in toes and ball of feet, numbness in 5 mm’s towards the finger tips.

10.05.2016: CAT scan shows NED


04.12.2017: CAT scan shows NED