Cancer Survivors become wiser people

A cancer diagnose does not necessarily make you a smarter person, but the process you go through might. It’s like if someone sticks a gun to your head, but does not pull the trigger, even though that someone can pull the trigger at anytime in the future.

You know you are on the clock, you have been given notice. 

That fact changes you. You have been made aware so to speak.

As the days go by with the imaginary gun pointing at you, you slowly, very slowly day by day start to change. You will over time get closer to learning to live with the knowlege the decease gives you, and because of that you might choose differently than before you were diagnosed.

You could say that you are more serious about living. I say that I suddenly realized what it means to be an adult and to care for me an my own.

I can not change the past, or the way I lived before, but this insight that the decease is giving me has changed the way I live and look at most things in my life.

I feel I have become wiser than I used to be.